Discourse analysis: Conversational analysis of the internal conversation in Oracle Corporation Malaysia

Marwa Marwa


This study highlights the internal conversation which takes place in Oracle Corporation
Malaysia. Through the study, it will be shown how conversational analysis is used to
analyze the transcription of a telephone conversation between Oracle staffs. The analysis
of the transcriptions will apply a few basic concepts of conversational analysis; turntaking
organization, and the adjacency pair. The objective of the study is to find out how
the internal conversations takes place by focusing on the conversation itself, that is, the
conversational structures spontaneously produced by people during talk ranging from
turn-taking strategies, how topics are introduced, conversation closings and so on. By
looking in detail at such talk, we can gain a detailed understanding of how the staffs see
themselves in relation to the company that influence their daily lives.
Keywords: conversational analysis, turn-taking, adjacency pairs

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